Amateur Radio Operator

Amateur Radio Operator

An Amateur Radio populerly known as HAM Radio Operator is an individual who typically uses a wireless (Radio Transceiver) equipment at an amateur radio station to engage in two-way personal communications with other similar individuals, on radio frequencies assigned to the amateur radio service by the International Telecommunication Union worldwide and their country adaptation to the same.

Amateur radio operators build and operate several types of amateur radio stations, including fixed ground stations, mobile stations, space stations and temporary field stations. A slang term often used for an amateur station's location is the "shack," named after the small enclosures added to the upper works of naval ships to hold early radio equipment and batteries.

How to Become a Ham Radio Operator in India?


z Any Indian citizen above 12 years can become a ham in India after qualifying in Amateur Station Operators Certificate (ASOC) Examination.

Licensing Authority:

The Officer-In-Charge, Wireless Monitoring Station, Department of Telecommunication under the Ministry of Communication, Govt. of India is the authority for conducting the examination and issuing the License.

Categories of License:

There are 2 grades of licences:

1. Restricted Grade – Permitting the use of medium power.

2. General Grade - Permitting the use of Higher power and Satellite operations.

The syllabus consists of Basics of Electronics, Communication Procedure. The exam is of objective type.

To qualify to opbtain a General Grade, one must qualify in Morse Code at minimum 8 words per minute (both Sending and receiving).

Typically, a few weeks of training is enough to prepare for the examination.

The best way is to start practicing is to contact an active Ham in your city and take guidance from him/her. This will help you to understand the basics of Ham Radio communication and operating procedure.

If you are looking for a general grade license, you need to practice the sending and receiving of morse code signals. There are lot of mobile apps that can support you in learning morse code.

Electronics and communication theory can be learned from internet, lot of videos and documentations are available online.

You may also approach local Ham Radio clubs who may organize classes to prepare their members for the ham radio license test.


The exam fee is Rs. 100.

The licence fee for 20 years is Rs.1000/- and Rs.2000/- for life time.