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VU2EXO Radios

About My Radios:

I was introduced to HAM Radio (Amateur Radio) in the year 1994, when I joined pre degree after completing my 10th Standard. I became a Ham by successfully clearing the ASOC examination in the year 2000 with a Grade 2 License and received (VU3IFK) as my call sign.

I upgraded my license to Advance Grade by clearing the ASOC exam held at Thodupuzha in the year 2002. I have been issued with the call sign (VU2EXO) by WPC with my name as call sign

I started my HAM radio activities 2020 by assembling a VWN QRP with BD139 transistor as the final power transistor and home-made collector modulation transformer with TBA810 as the audio amplifier provides signal amplification for modulation.

Later I made an RF amplifier with IRF830 as the linear amplifier to the VWN QRP. During this time, I have done a lot of experiments to increase the Power and burned many BD139 and IRF MOSFETs :)

In the year 2002 I became a proud owner of the transceiver BEL-524 which was my strong companion till the year 2010 with 25W output on SSB.

I have added Kenwood TS-2000 and Yeasu VX-6 to my collection in 2010 and Bofeng UV-3R and Bofeng UV-5R to the collection in the year 2012.

Also, I could recover and re-program an old Tait TM8110 during the lockdown and added to the collection.