Passive Electronic Components Passive Electronic Components

Passive Electronic Components

Electronic circuits are integral parts of almost all the technological advances being made in our lives today. Television, Radio, Phones and Computers immediately come to mind, but electronics are also used in automobiles, kitchen appliances, medical equipment and industrial controls. At the heart of these devices are active components, or components of the circuit that electronically control electron flow, like semiconductors, Vacuum tubes etc. However, these devices can not function without much simpler, passive components that predate semiconductors by many decades. Unlike active components, passive components, such as resistors, capacitors and inductors, can't control the electron flow with electronic signals inputs.

Passive electronic components are components that consumes energy. It does not produce energy, is incapable of power gain. Passive components simply absorb energy. A typical example of passive electronic components would be resistors, capacitors and inductors. For a closer look at these devices, let’s look below.

Passive Components